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Ticket inspection

Do not be a fare dodger. Punch your ticket, or all you need to know about travelling with a ticket

Most frequently asked questions about travelling with a ticket and about ticket inspection:

I have got a fixed-period travel card, but I did not have it with me during the inspection. What to do?

If you have a personal ticket, visit the MPK Passenger Service Office within 7 days and explain the issue. Unfortunately, you have to pay PLN 12 for forgetfulness, but MPK will not fine you for travelling without a ticket. Remember, you must have the bearer ticket always with you.

I got on a tram, and found the ticket validator out of order. What to do?

If the machine displays the message “Awaria. Biletomat nieczynny” [Failure. Machine out of order] or the display is black – you can travel safely. The inspector will be certain that you wanted to buy a ticket but the machine did not work. If the machine displays another message, try to buy a ticket until you succeed. The machine may be out of order only temporarily. Any other reasons – such as problems with your payment or credit card – are not an excuse for travelling without a ticket. Remember, every transaction is recorded in the operator’s system and can be traced.

“I do not have a ticket, but why do I have to show the inspector my identity card? Only the police can ask me to do that. And what if I do not have it with me?”

When you get on a tram or a bus, you make an unwritten contract with the carrier. The conditions of the contract are governed by regulations, “Transport Law” inter alia. According to the law, if you do not have a ticket, you must show the inspector your identity card. If you do not have the id card with you, the inspector will call the police so that they help him/her establish your identity.

“I did not have a ticket and wanted to get off but the inspector did not allow me to. By what right?!”

The inspector may be afraid that the passenger is going to escape, especially when the passenger does not want to show his/her identity card. The inspector may keep you in the vehicle until the police arrives. This is a so called “civic apprehension.“ You broke the law, you used the service which you did not pay for and you do not want to accept the consequences. In addition, if you misled the carrier or the police by stating that you did not have an identity document with you, you can be fined even up to PLN 500.

I did not sign and collect a request for payment letter, so the request is invalid.

The passenger’s refusal to sign and collect a request for payment for travelling without a valid ticket does not change the fact that such a request was issued legitimately. Such behaviour does not cause the debt collection process to suspend and the request to be invalidated.

I could not find a fixed-time ticket or a single ticket during the inspection.

A fixed-time or single ticket that you did not show to the inspector but you have attached to your appeal must not form the grounds for debt cancellation. You may win your appeal, if you show the ticket that explicitly establishes your identity.

How long is the single ticket valid?

From the moment of punching or validation until you get to the end stop.

I am 24 and a vocational college student. Am I eligible for discounted travel by municipal transport?

Yes, but only until you are 24 years of age (day, month, year).