Ikona standardu tekstu prostego

A new ticket distribution system was introduced in Wroclaw on 8th March. More ticket machines are available at bus/tram stops, and ticket fares can be paid in vehicles via electronic ticket punch. In addition, the system operator has launched new Customer Service Offices.

Time tickets, one-time tickets and fixed-term tickets can be bought at newsagent’s shops or points of sale, ticket machines at bus/tram stops and electronic ticket punches in buses and trams (one-time tickets and time tickets). Ticket fares can also be paid via UC Mobile Application.

Electronic ticket punches

Tickets can be purchased via electronic ticket punch (using the EP or payment card) 24 h/day. In the case of a time ticket, the passenger may travel by various means of transport without having to buy a new ticket – obviously as long as the ticket remains valid.

The electronic ticket punch does not print your ticket – the ticket is coded on your payment card. The validity of the ticket (this service is particularly useful in time tickets) can be checked in the ticket punch.

Showing the proximity card that was previously used for buying the ticket to a ticket controller is completely safe. The ticket is registered in the Central System, and card data are automatically encrypted and saved in a safe form. A ticket controller receives only information about the ticket from the Central System and does not have access to any other data.

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In order to find all necessary information, go to: https://www.urbancard.pl/